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From a public school to a bible school…

The   original   building   on   the   property   which   is   now   home   of   the   Elnora   Bible   Institute   was   completed   in   1899.   For the   next   100   years   it   served   the   Daviess   County   community   as   a   public   school.   However,   in   the   1990s   Daviess County   combined   several   of   its   small   schools   into   one   large   school,   leaving   an   empty   building.   In   December   of 2002, the Biblical Mennonite Alliance purchased the empty school building. The   Biblical   Mennonite   Alliance   Bible   Institute   (BMABI),   now   Elnora   Bible   Institute   (EBI),   began   in   2000.   The   2000   - 2003   terms   were   held   in   local   churches   located   in   SC,   IN,   VA,   and   OH.   For   the   first   two   years   of   its   existence,   BMABI offered   one   three-week   term   per   year   until   2002,   when   the   Institute   began   offering   a   six-week   term   in   place   of   the three-week term. In the winter of 2004, BMABI moved into the old public school building in Elnora. A   dormitory   was   built   during   2003   and   the   first   term   in   Elnora   was   held   in   2004.   In   2005,   the   Institute   began offering   two   terms.   The   Institute   formally   adopted   Elnora   Bible   Institute   as   its   official   name   in   the   summer   of   2008. A   third   term   was   added   in   2012   consisting   of   three   weeks.   In   the   fall   of   2013,   a   15   week   term   was   added   to complete a f ull school year.
Elnora Bible Institute  Equipping DISCIPLES to Show the WAY First occupied in early 1919 Completed in 1899 Completed in 1957