history Department Discover Anabaptist beginnings and theology, walk through Israel, and understand the cultural  context in which Scripture was written
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206 Mennonites in America 3 Hours This course will trace the story of the Anabaptists in the New World, from the Colonial Period to the present. How have Mennonites dealt with being citizens of two kingdoms? We will also examine the culture’s influence on the Mennonite Church today, and what it means to walk faithfully in an increasingly secular society. 306 Bible Lands and Culture 2 Hours The events of the Bible happened in a time and place that is quite foreign to many of us. An understanding of the lands and culture of the Bible can enhance our understanding of the story of Scripture. 406 The Anabaptist Story 3 Hours What is an Anabaptist? How did the Anabaptist story begin? How has Anabaptism developed since its birth? In this course you will learn about the formation of Anabaptism and give consideration to what it means to follow Christ as an Anabaptist today. 506 God’s Unfolding Story 3 Hours Our God is actively involved in this world. In this course we will particularly focus on how God has been at work in and through his people since the New Testament. This study will lead you to a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the many individuals and movements that have shaped our Christian heritage.
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