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Expansion Projects
We have completed the interior front entrance remodel, the new chapel, and the Indian Street house is paid off (check back later for pictures).  However, there are a few other projects we are still working on, predominantly the dorm extension and the front entrance exterior remodel project. Donations can be sent to Elnora Bible Institute via the Biblical Mennonite Alliance donation page. Please designate funds for the EBI Capital Improvements fund. The projected cost to finish these two projects is $250,000.
Dorm Extension & Front Entrance
Plans   are   to   expand   the   dorm   to   include   a   gender   specific   lounges,   laundry   facilities,   study   areas,   and   prayer closets. This will free up space in the main school building and contribute to a better student experience. 
Having   finished   the   interior   upgrades   to   the   front   entrance,   we   plan   to   complete   this   project   by   updating   the exterior   entrance   as   well.   Our   hope   is   that   the   enhanced   entry   will   more   easily   direct   visitors   to   the   front   entrance and contribute to curb appeal. This update will include a covered car port and improved landscaping. 
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