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Evangelism Department
505 Anabaptist Church Planting and Growth 2 Hours Students will be given an overview of the Biblical basis for Anabaptist church planting and growth, character traits that are necessary, practical challenges that will be faced, an introduction to a variety of models and methods being used, and an overview of the process through which a church goes from planting to being established.
805 Practicum 5 Hours A six-month period during which the student lives among an unreached or under-reached people group that includes a one- month home stay with a family of the target group. During the practicum, the student will research and write a paper of 2,500 words that describes the religion, major aspects of culture, significant similarities and differences with Christianity, the primary challenges one will encounter in evangelism and discipleship, the degree of penetration by missions in general and Anabaptists in particular, as well as a description of an effective strategy for establishing a church planting mission among the people group.
705 Personal Evangelism 3 Hours This course will focus on salvation: how salvation is made possible, how one becomes saved, how to know that one is saved, and how to lead others into a salvation experience. We will discover various tools available for effective evangelism and discipleship, and will find practical ways to put them to use.
605 Interactive Discipleship Ministry Preparation 2 Hours This course is designed to assist the student to more adequately prepare for service in ministry teams in established church work as well as pioneer outreach in the homeland or overseas. Course subjects include an overview of biblical counseling, analysis of present relationships (relating to authority, etc.), conflict resolution, marriage and family in ministry, building a human resources support base, and team dynamics in ministry.
205 Seeing the Big Picture 3 Hours The purpose of this course is to discover God’s heart for the nations of our world and our part in His plan. We will take a brief look at missionary milestones of the past, methods of today, and movement into the future. This course is especially designed to prepare those who are contemplating involvement in a missions assignment but is also useful to assist those who are trying to discern God’s plans for their future.
305 Finding My Place in the Big Picture 3 Hours This course is designed to prepare students who have a definite calling to missions. We will review changes that have occurred in missions in the recent past as well as the preparation (personal, spiritual and ministry readiness) needed for an effectual cross-cultural ministry. We will gain an understanding of culture and language learning, learn how to feel at home in the host culture and acquire skills for evaluating culture and making Biblically appropriate adaptations. We will take a look at the challenges missionary families face in missions, and the skills necessary for facing crises and for re-entering the sending culture after a missions assignment.