510 Practicum 3 Hours This practicum will involve actual counseling by the student, supervised by an EBI certified counselor. Fifty hours of actual counseling shall be required.
410 Biblical Counseling Examinations 3 Hours This course will guide the student through the open book examination process required to obtain EBI counseling certification.
310 Biblical Counseling Observations 3 Hours In this course students will be sitting in on actual counseling sessions as well as viewing counseling sessions by video. Evaluations and criticisms will be included in discussion sessions.
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Counseling Department
EBI is committed to the biblical counseling model. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to the counselee’s most basic problems. The Bible is the counselor’s main tool. The Holy Spirit imparts gifts to the counselor to guide and give hope through the Scripture. Prayer and dependence upon God are essential parts of biblical counseling. While we do not sit in judgment against other counseling models, we will teach and practice this model without apology. Click here to see our counseling philosophy.
110 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 2 Hours The emphasis of this course will be on changing hearts, changing lives. The student will be led to see the need for change in his or her own life and how that change can be accomplished by the Holy Spirit through the Scripture. In turn, the student will be taught how to assist others in those same kinds of changes.
210 Biblical Counseling 3 Hours An apologetic will be made for Biblical Counseling as compared to other counseling models. The student will be taught advanced principles of discipleship and helping others to change toward the image of Christ .