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Welcome to the Elnora Bible Institute!

Whether    you    are    called     to    pastoring,    missions,    church    planting, homemaking,   education,   carpentry,   business,   farming,   or   any   other career,   God   wants   to   use   you   to   reach   a   lost   and   dying   world   with the transforming message of Jesus Christ. EBI’s faculty and staff alike want to help you build a solid foundation so you may achieve the full potential God has for you. The   Elnora   Bible   Institute   (EBI)   operates   under   the   auspices   of   the Biblical    Mennonite    Alliance     (BMA),    an    association    of    churches committed   to   the   world-wide   propagation   of   the   inerrant   Word   of God in order to provide fellowship, instruction, accountability, prayer support,    missions,    and    service    opportunities    to    congregations    of conservative    Anabaptist    theology    and    practice.    A    Board    of    five brethren   who   are   members   of   the   BMA   oversees   the   work   of   the Institute. EBI   is   not   just   a   place   for   our   youth   to   fellowship   in   safety   while taking   a   few   random   Bible   courses.   It   is   a   place   where   the   youth   of our   constituencies   are   taught   what   they   need   to   know   in   order   to survive   in   the   world   of   ideas   ever   present   in   this   age.   Absolute   truth must   be   the   standard   and   students   must   be   immersed   in   truth   and in   logical   biblical   principles   to   determine   rightful   applications   of   that truth.   EBI   is   committed   to   provide   leadership   not   only   in   what   the students   may   legitimately   want   but   also   in   what   they   specifically need.
Elnora Bible Institute  Equipping DISCIPLES to Show the WAY