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Admission Information
EBI   offers   four   majors   for   study   at   a   post-high   school   level:   Bible   and   Theology,   History,   Missions,   and Christian   Ministries.   Sixty   credit   hours   are   required   to   graduate   from   the   Institute.   Students   earn   credits   toward graduation   in   the   following   areas   of   study:   Bible,   theology,   practical,   history,   apologetics,   discipleship/counseling, Jewish   studies,   and   music.   A   general   education   certificate   may   be   attained   by   completing   thirty   credit   hours   from the    required    areas    of    study    plus    completing    a    research    paper.    Both    a    specialized    missionary    track    and    a specialized   pre-college   track   are   offered.   These   tracks   are   available   as   one-   or   two-year   study   programs.   Visit   the handbook for more information.  
Entrance Requirements
The   Institute’s   study   programs   are   designed   for   born-again   Christians   interested   in   a   greater   commitment   to Christ and His service. To accomplish this objective, these minimal standards for entrance are required. 1. Willingness to cooperate with the standards and requirements of EBI. 2. Satisfactory references and a minimum age of 18. 3. High school diploma, high school diploma equivalent, or readiness to study on a     post-high school level. The    Institute    admits    students    of    any    national    or    ethnic    origin.    All    students    shall    have    the    same    rights    and privileges to all programs and activities of the Institute.
Admissions Applications   for   acceptance   must   be   received   by   the   admissions   officer   at   least   30   days   prior   to   the   beginning   of each   prospective   term.   In   order   to   process   an   application,   the   admissions   department   must   have   on   file   a completed     application     form,     recent     photo,     two     personal     reference     forms     (non-family),     a     ministerial recommendation   form,   and   the   non-refundable   application   fee.   Click   here    to   apply   or   call   the   EBI   office   to   have forms sent via mail.
Credit Hours and Graduation Requirements
   A   normal   academic   load   is   3-4   credit   hours   for   a   three-week   term,   6-7   credit   hours   for   a   six-week   term,   and   16-17 credit   hours   for   a   fifteen-week   term.   Credit   hours   may   be   transferred   to   or   from   EBI,   dependent   on   the   criteria   of the sending or receiving academic institution. In   order   to   give   continuity   and   reflection   of   purpose   to   their study,   students   are   encouraged   to   choose   and   follow   a   program of    study    even    if    they    do    not    plan    to    pursue    a    certificate    or diploma, although this is not required. A   diploma   will   be   granted   upon   the   satisfactory   completion   of   60 credit   hours   required   per   the   major   desired.   A   minimum   grade average   of   C-   must   be   attained   in   all   courses   required   in   any   of the   majors   offered.   An   additional   research   paper   of   8,000-10,000 words   is   required   before   graduation.   The   subject   of   this   research paper    shall    be    approved    by    the    Principal    and    one    faculty member.   Final   credit   will   be   granted   after   all   assignments   and requirements of the faculty are met and all fees paid.    A   certificate   will   be   granted   upon   the   satisfactory   completion   of   30   credit   hours   required   for   the   minor   desired.   A minimum   grade   average   of   C-   must   be   attained   in   all   courses   required   in   any   of   the   minors   offered.   An   additional research   paper   of   4,000-5,000   words   is   required   before   the   certificate   is   granted.   The   subject   of   this   research paper   shall   be   approved   by   the   Principal   and   one   faculty   member.   Final   credit   will   be   granted   after   all   assignments and requirements of the faculty are met and all fees paid.
Course Prerequisites and Testing Out of Courses
EBI   desires   that   students   have   an   enjoyable   and   fulfilling   academic   experience.   To   enable   this   to   happen,   the   level of   scholastic   difficulty   must   match   the   students’   skill   level.   Due   to   the   trends   in   our   culture,   literary   skill   levels have   been   consistently   diminishing   over   the   past   generation.   EBI   was   left   with   the   choice   of   either   reducing   its courses   to   a   high   school   level   or   presenting   prerequisite   courses   to   bridge   the   gap   between   where   many   students are    and    where    they    need    to    be.    For    those    students    who    have    had    a    strong    high    school    background,    the opportunity to test out of the prerequisite courses is offered. Courses   numbered   100   designate   prerequisite   courses.   The   purpose   of   these   courses   is   to   prepare   the   student for   the   other   courses   in   the   department.   It   is   expected   that   the   student   will   either   take   the   prerequisite   course   or test   out   of   it   before   taking   any   other   courses   in   the   department.   Students   desiring   to   test   out   may   obtain   a   course outline   and   a   list   of   text   references   in   order   to   prepare   for   the   examination.   Students   should   contact   the   office   for information   on   testing   out   of   courses.   Said   examinations   will   be   administered   before   the   term   in   which   the respective course will be offered.
Choir Participation Requirements
Upon   completion   and   payment   of   fees   each   term,   grades   are   given   as   a   percentage   grade.   The   percentages correspond with the letter grades as follows:
Grading Scale
99 - 100  A+ 96 - 98  A 94 - 95  A- 92 - 93  B+ 88 - 91  B 86 - 87  B 84 - 85  C+
80 - 83  C 77 - 79  C- 75 - 76  D+ 72 - 74  D 70 - 71  D- 69 and below  F
Choir   is   a   privilege.   Students   are   required   to   have   passing   grades   in   all   their   classes   to   be   eligible   to   sing   in   the
end   of   term   community   program.   Also,   grades   of   C-   or   higher   and   acceptable   conduct   during   the   term   are
required   to   participate   in   choir   tour.   In   the   event   that   applications   for   choir   exceed   the   number   of   available
positions,   eligibility   will   be   determined   based   upon   the   point   scale   shown   below.   Note:   If   you   are   accepted   into
choir, you are required to go on choir tour.
Men:   long-sleeved   white   shirt   (white   or   clear   buttons),   black   dress   pants   (no   denim   or   outside   pockets   please),
black shoes and socks, plain black belt.
Ladies:   simple,   black   dresses   (please   no   lace   or   shiny   fabric)   We   ask   that   necklines   not   be   loose   or   low   (must   be
within   one   inch   of   the   base   of   the   neck),   that   sleeves   be   elbow   length,   and   that   skirts   be   2-5   inches   from   the   floor.
(Remember:   5-10   pounds   are   usually   gained   at   Bible   School;   dresses   will   need   to   fit   loosely   for   Choir   Tour).   Flat
black dress shoes (no high heels please), black or brown nylons.
Choir program dress will be as follows: